We know how scary it can be to experience an undesirable situation. That is the reason we got in this business, you’re not alone. Here at Community Renewal Solutions, our main objective is to help you sell your house fast in Winston-Salem, NC and get cash for you. 


We Help Everyone

We care about you and we’ll buy your house no matter its conditions or the situation you’re going through. We’ve been doing this for a long time, so no matter what you’re struggling with, we have the solution for you. These are some of the situations our clients deal with: 

  • Foreclosure
  • Divorce
  • Moving or relocating out of Charlotte, NC
  • Liens or owed back taxes on a house in Charlotte, NC
  • Having a vacant house in Charlotte, NC
  • Having a condemned or uninhabitable house
  • Fire damaged house
  • Bad tenants
  • Selling an inherited house in Charlotte, NC
  • Avoiding high realtor commissions or fees
  • And more

No matter the situation, when if you’re ready to sell your house, then we are ready to buy it from you for cash. The process is really simple and easy and we pay for all costs. We are not like others. 

Don’t Lose Time Waiting

Stop waiting for months to have sold your house. We can help you sell your house fast and without worrying about commissions, costs, cleaning or repairing. Save your time and energy for the things that really matter. 

You’re in complete control with us. We want to make your life easier and get out from under that property.

Don’t lose time and contact us to get a free estimate. Community Renewal Solutions can help you sell your house fast in Winston-Salem, NC within 7 days. You can choose your closing date, so if you wanted to close in 2 weeks, we can work with your timeline.