All-Cash Offer for Your House in Huntersville, NC

Selling a house usually comes with uncertainties and frustration. It is hard to deal with debts and financial burden, feeling stuck and stressed, unable to find a solution. Don’t worry, there is a solution. A reliable home buying company is the best way to get that pesky house off your back in no time. You … Continued

Fast Solution to Sell Your Home in Davidson, NC

What’s the best solution to sell your house fast in Davidson? Community Renewal Solutions offers prompt and professional services in all kinds of circumstances, from divorce to foreclosure and even fire damage. Whenever you find yourself in the midst of a complicated situation, you look for the most appropriate and fast solution. It’s not easy … Continued

The Impact of Foreclosure in North Carolina

What is a foreclosure, and how does it work? Foreclosure happens when a homeowner fails to keep up with mortgage payments, and the bank takes possession of the property. It is a legal process in which the bank is entitled to foreclose on the mortgage or trust deed and seize the home.  In North Carolina, … Continued