When you take out a loan to buy a house, you got that exciting feeling of independence but also got a big responsibility. The promissory note you signed is the written proof the lender kept to demonstrate you made a promise of repaying the amount borrowed. To keep things in control in order to avoid foreclosure, follow these steps:

Get your loan documents organized

Collect the copies of your mortgage payments, billing statements (monthly), a record of the payments you’ve made, property tax and insurance information and any kind of archive you have exchanged with your mortgage servicer.  Bonus tip:  Read all your documents in order to identify relevant information about your legal rights.

Respect your budget

The secret to keeping financial problems aways is accepting your budget limits. Be realistic with the way you spend your money until your economic situation improves. Prioritize things you can not live without such as food and your payment loans to finish paying your house. Bonus tip: When better times come, consider doing changes on your list of expenses to enjoy the money you have earned. 

Realized your options

If you feel too stressed about the monthly loan payment you make, know that you have the alternative to ask a loan modification. Ask your loan servicer about Loan Mitigation which is the process where borrowers and the loan service work together to avoid foreclosure. Bonus tip: If you are feeling anxious, you can start looking for Foreclosure Relief Programs or read about your state’s foreclosure laws.

Sell your home to avoid foreclosure

Remember, information is power. But if you can not handle the pressure of dealing with foreclosure, you can sell it and use the revenue to pay off the mortgage loan. A trusty company in Charlotte NC,  that can buy your house so fast and for cash is Community Renewal Solutions. The community renewal solutions team is dedicated and conscious and works daily to offer a fast solution to those homeowners who want to sell their house without waiting on a long list and without paying any commission or fee. Find out more info here.